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im a photography student at fanshawe, been to conestoga for a year (dropped out of journalism[boring as fuck]), and raised in kitchener, ontario. im a narcissistic personality, whose humour comes from the worst parts of the internet. that basically sums me up.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So I've come to the realization that an hour, and a bit is definately not enough time to study for this "Communications" class. I attempted this today, and if i passed this test, I'll be very surprised. I really need motivation for that stupid class. Englash aint me strengthy-ist thing. But in all honesty it's fairly simplistic stuff, mainly definitions and such. Plus the fact that all tests in that class are multiple choice, so if I do study, Ill have a 1/4 chance to be right, even if I don't know it. So yeah, thats my goal, to study?

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