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im a photography student at fanshawe, been to conestoga for a year (dropped out of journalism[boring as fuck]), and raised in kitchener, ontario. im a narcissistic personality, whose humour comes from the worst parts of the internet. that basically sums me up.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I've recently come to the realization that if there was any way to check "time played", for 'Minecraft' (Most likely the best game ever made, and very VERY addicting), somewhat like the time played shown via Steam. Anyways, if I were to see mine, I'd be fairly embarrassed. I spend way too much time playing for hours, dying in lava, losing 20 diamonds, raging, stop playing for 10 minutes, and then finally go back and start a new game. Plus the simple fact that I sometimes play locally with my roomate, which makes it a whole lot funner. I'm currently working on a house near surface lava (fancy!!). Currently done the kitchen (seen below), I will post more pics later on.


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