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im a photography student at fanshawe, been to conestoga for a year (dropped out of journalism[boring as fuck]), and raised in kitchener, ontario. im a narcissistic personality, whose humour comes from the worst parts of the internet. that basically sums me up.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

12:48am vs. 6am

In approximately 5 hours, I will be getting out of bed, very slowly, waddling my way downstairs, turning on the coffee maker, and waiting. I know that i have 8am classes on Wednesdays, and Fridays, but my body says "Fuck you Bruce, you're a student, man up and stay up." Forcing me to sit here on my computer at 12:48pm. Basically passing the time watching season 5 of, 'How I Met Your Mother'. (Which by the way, is an amazing t.v. show, N.P.H. is a god)
But yes, my sleeping patterns are totally erratic and not very predictable. Such as last nights 5am bed time, and a week ago, 9pm bed time. My life blows. But I do get to look forward to something in the morning, and thats my fucking coffee. Thank GOD for coffee.

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